Our Commitment


The Monitoring Force Group Code of Ethics applies to all Group employees, shareholders, administrators, and Monitoring Force partners.

Monitoring Force Group adheres to the Helsinki Declaration and ICH International Standards. The group must comply with the regulations of national ethical authorities and national and international health authorities, as well as the laws and regulations specific to each country in which it operates.

This code of ethics aims to ensure that all the missions undertaken by the group comply with the work ethics. Monitoring Force Group ensures equality of opportunity, does not tolerate discrimination in the recruitment, training and promotion of its employees, nor harassment in any form. The group’s policy condemns forced labor and the employment of minors in any activity of the company. Monitoring Force Group requires its shareholders and partners to comply with applicable health and safety standards. The group strives to provide each employee with a safe and healthy work environment, where freedom of expression and respect for privacy are guaranteed for all the employees, shareholders and partners.

Monitoring Force Group’s policy complies with the laws that govern unfair competition and antitrust.

The Group’s anti-corruption policy respects national and international laws and regulations against corruption in all its forms.

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Monitoring Force Group complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as local laws on the protection of data on information technology, data files and civil liberties for clinical studies.

Monitoring Force Group Certifies that the personal data entrusted to it are processed and duly controlled in accordance with data subjects ‘rights, generic quality principles and with the French Data Privacy Authority (CNIL) and with its equivalents in other countries.

This policy applies to all personal data processed regardless of the location where that personal data is stored, handled and protected by the company.

Our commitment to quality

Compliance with GCP guidelines (ICH, FDA)

Compliance with SOPs set up by quality experts

Initial and continuous quality training

Evolution of the QMS in compliance with regulatory changes

A Corporate Approach

Local management in each country

CRA, Study Nursing, PM Interface of International PM

Quality procedures and common and shared IT tools

Developed tracking tools

Provision of complete feasibility studies based on our long experience in the field

Local management of regulatory processes

Budget Commitment

Integration of specific constraints into timeline commitment

Budget transparency in correlation with the achievement of objectives

Flexibility including increased resources at constant budget, if failure to meet our original objectives

The development of Rescue Plan

Infrastructure in High Security mode

Monitoring Force Group has developed an information system that enables a smooth communication and cost rationalization

Business continuity and recovery plan

Scientific and Professional Expertise

Medical experts

GCP-ICH training, trainings tailored to the needs of our clients

Initial and continuous training of our collaborators

Training in Clinical Research (GCP-ICH)

Specific training adapted to the needs of each employee or customer

Follow-up and tracking tools

Implementation of a resarch-specific “Data-Arc” database system

Entry of data of studies, investigators, patients, logistics, on site at Monitoring Force Group’s headquarters and remotely via secure Internet access

Access to secure website that enables extraction from database of specific real time information