Chairman’s message

Doctor Amin Kadi: Cardiologist, founder and CEO of Monitoring Force Group

As September 2020 progresses, and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, I realize that it has been 17 years since I created Monitoring Force. Seventeen years working on the development of the company, seventeen years working towards finding effective solutions to fulfill our customer needs.

In 17 years, we expanded the services offered by our company, we adapted and innovated our organization and our way of working and we launched our internationalization strategy, mainly in the MENA region.

In 17 years, like most compagnies, we have experienced moments of fulfillment and moments of doubt, but no matter the circumstances or the difficulties encountered, I have always stood up for my beliefs.

Since day one, I have always believed that a business could not last without being surrounded by a group of people who enjoy working together and care for their company. I also believe that creating a relationship of trust and proximity with our customers, is what allow us to meet their expectations in all circumstances.

I still stand by that same belief. In my experience, our line of business cannot succeed now and seed future growth without being surrounded by a team that feel well recognized in their field.  A team that feel like an important member of the family responsible for the sustainability of their own business. We cannot continue to be present on this hypercompetitive market without providing our customers with our expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.

I learned over time that we don’t have to be a “giant company” or be present all over the world to be able to meet our customers new expectations or overcome their new constraints. I learned that we can manage and succeed in any type of project, whatever the size and under all circumstances, as long as we provide a high level of expertise and implement the adequate strategies.

I would like to thank our team members and our customers. Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to do a job that I love; a job that aims to protect and improve the health of all people.