Chairman’s message

Dr Amin Kadi

Dr. Amin Kadi, CEO Cardiologist, Founder of Monitoring Force Group

“When I created Monitoring Force in 2003, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Clinical Research, the company was operating only in France.

Over the years, I became aware that we could no longer cover, follow-up and support our missions even successfully, for clinical research projects only in the French territory.

To respond to the market evolution and meet the needs of both pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that have become more increasingly complex, competitive and international, our service had to integrate new services and cover other territories.

That’s why we developed with my associates, the 360 ​​° Expertise approach directly inspired by our collaboration with our customers facing multiple issues.

This approach led us to transform the CRO Monitoring Force Group into a « Global CRO & Health Products Services Organization ».

Moreover, internationalization has become a necessity, taking into accounts the emergence of new needs, new constraints and new opportunities.

We have to be able to offer our services with the same commitment to quality and requirement level, wherever we operate. And even if for obvious reasons our services must remain centralized due to the pooling of our resources, we should never forget that a successful project needs proximity and depends on how well we address its local requirements, which is why we must have highly qualified and trained staff available daily in each country where we operate.”