Covid-19 : Monitoring Force mobilizes for its customers, employees and partners

In this context of exceptional health crisis with which we are all confronted, we also wish to inform you that the entire Monitoring Force Group is mobilized to allow the continuity of all our services and benefits.

With this in mind, we activated our continuity plan from the start of this crisis. This plan, which provides the establishment of a work organization that meets government requirements in the countries in which we operate, has been developed around 3 main concerns:

° Limit the spread of the COVID 19 virus,
° Monitor the health of our employees and those of their close relatives at all times,
° Allow the maintenance of our activity and the quality of our services.

This plan includes the following provisions:

° Teleworking: all of our employees are equipped to carry out their activity from their place of confinement,
° The deployment of a permanence: a medical and logistics permanence has been set up to follow up on emergencies and in particular all that relates to our pharmaco-vigilance activities, to the specific requests of experts and investigators and of course of our clients,
° Continuity of service: we have organized ourselves so that all of your contacts remain available to answer your questions,
° The adaptability of our services: at the same time and as you will understand, we have limited our on-site monitoring activities to their strict minimum and in accordance with the recommendations of the various French, European and international regulatory organizations. Whenever possible, however, we maintain remote monitoring, when of course the doctor is available, which is as you can rarely imagine the case during this period.

As a result, we have reoriented our teams on our expertise capacities, which gives analysis of your needs / files, development project proposals, data analysis and medical and statistical writing.

Our job is to support you in the development, registration and maintenance on the market of your health products (Medicines, Medical devices, Dermocosmetics) by adapting in any event to the circumstances and your constraints .

Dr Amin KADI
Monitoring Force CEO